M F O Johnny

    The road is easy to walk, but people like cutting the road


    In the future metaverse, most industries will eventually become the information service industry. If everyone agrees with this statement, this concept can be further extended to almost all industries. The overall industrial environment can be roughly felt that the spatial conditions will be The source of a new round of competitive advantage, because of the emergence of the metaverse, the combination of time and space has changed.



    Just like in the early 16th century, because of the advent of light shipping tools, land blocks that people have never seen on the map have been explored, and every time the output of the world map is forced to be revised after the voyage, and come back In fact, these lands have always existed, just waiting for people to explore with more sophisticated tools.



    So! The current predictions about the future of the metaverse are a creative chaos, and everyone is on an inference-based voyage until the infrastructure for 5G or 6G networks is completed. -based competition).



    Imagine, in the metaverse world, time is stopped, but space is ever-changing, all kinds of virtual items appear at your command, and real-world experience feels like a transparent digital veil in the metaverse, which almost makes people feel Without feeling its existence, many people will question, the real is the real, the virtual is the virtual, how can they exist at the same time, this question may also have a definable logic after the wave-particle duality that is difficult to explain in quantum mechanics.



    I wake up every day and see the news of the metaverse constantly appearing, and I feel that some mysterious catalyst is preparing to quietly change the world. In addition, more sophisticated semiconductor chips and various communication devices have been developed, through bluetooth or 5G. The agreement is connected, and it is vaguely felt that a new world that has never been seen before can be created in the metaverse very soon.



    Looking at the world, the Metaverse is the most watched technology star at present, and there should be no technology issues to replace it in the short term, but the recent hype phenomenon of the Metaverse reminds me of a sentence of Lao Tzu (the great road is the barbarian, the people are the good path), The path of the Metaverse is currently not visible to the naked eye, or the perception that it does not exist. Most people choose to take the shortcut that they think is the fastest and most convenient. This is what everyone is asking, when will the situation of the Metaverse be complete? present?



    In fact, think about it in another way. The application of technology to human beings is just like a motor. The most important core is always hidden and covered deep inside the hardware or system devices. What ordinary people can see and want to see is the opposite. It is the simplest and most practical part. It can also be said that the complexity of hidden technology is the protective color of technology development. Therefore, when people's needs and desires can be transformed into various resources, digital technology has an impact on the market. The quick response will choose the most suitable time, like a naughty elf, leading people to chase its figure.



    Many technology marketers mistakenly think that the Metaverse is just 3Dizing the flat websites of the past to increase the visual sense of VR or AR, but they ignore the most important feature in the Metaverse - to be with, because the current Metaverse brings With the popularity of the topic, the demand for interaction and the benefits of attracting the favor of young people, many companies or lecturers who want to take advantage of the metaverse craze have forgotten that technology is a double-edged sword and can impress people with a vision, but once the scene appears, it is not as good as everyone expected. , the doubts and suspicions received are also overwhelming.



    Regarding the dozens of existing metaverse systems, I feel more anxiety than excitement or joy. I am also a little uneasy when I see most platforms with the same functions and services. The volume of discussions of negative events bombards the pure land of the Metaverse every day. These events may change people's attitudes, opinions, and behaviors toward the Metaverse, and make our trust in the Metaverse collapse. The investment and fraud of the good vision will be used to control and manipulate the masses.



    Let me pause for a moment and think about the incomparably wonderful being there after the arrival of the Metaverse, which makes me feel excited and looking forward to it. The online meetings and live broadcasts in the past lacked authenticity. Life will face complex and subtle reactions. In the process of human-to-human interaction, nothing can beat the delicate observation and feeling of seeing each other's different postures, body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions because of mood. , these will be the most precious experience feedback in the Metaverse.



    If you also want to enter the unknown realm of the metaverse, you must know that the current development has no guidance and no established route to follow. be ) negotiate, calculate risks from time to time, and then learn while doing, act according to the information you have, every action may not be sure, and the entire strategy may be re-started in an instant after the Metaverse industry officials learn new information. Set a direction, but just keep an open mind, explore and take risks, if you can see the metaverse business opportunities in advance, then you can ride like Tom Cruise's movie character in Far From Africa, riding a horse without stopping , and all the places you run across will eventually become your own territor



    大道甚夷 而民好徑










    現在對於元宇宙未來的預測,其實是一種有創意的混亂(creative chaos),在等候5G或是6G網絡的基礎建設佈建完成之前,所有人都處於以推論為基礎的航行中









    放眼世界,元宇宙是目前最受矚目的科技明星,短期內應該再也沒有任何科技議題取代,但是近期各種元宇宙炒作現象,讓我想起老子的一句話(大道甚夷 而民好徑),元宇宙的道路目前不是肉眼可見,或存在也不存在的感知,讓多數人選擇去走自認為是最明顯最方便的捷徑,這也是所有人都在問,元宇宙的形勢何時才會完整的呈現呢?







    許多科技行銷人誤以為元宇宙只是把過去的平面網站3D化,增加VR或是AR的視覺感,卻忽略了元宇宙中最重要的特性-陪伴(to be with)






    對於現有存在數十個元宇宙系統,我自己感受到的焦慮多於興奮或喜悅,看到多數功能服務雷同的平台,也有些許的不安,再加上媒體對於NFT 、區塊鏈、虛擬幣負面事件的討論聲量,每天都在轟炸著元宇宙的淨土。






    先暫停一下憂慮的心情,轉個念頭去想想元宇宙到來後,那些無比精彩的身歷其境(being there),就讓我感覺到興奮期待,過去的線上會議與直播流程,缺少真實生活會面對到複雜而且微妙的反應,在人與人的互動過程中,沒有什麼能勝過看到對方不同的姿勢,身體語言、語調、面部表情這種細膩的觀察感受,這些都會是元宇宙最珍貴的體驗反饋。



    如果你也正想進入元宇宙這個未知的領域,必須知道現在的發展並無指引也無既定路線可依循,所有人能作的就是摸索,每天與未知(the unknown)未可知(what is yet to be )談判,時時計算風險,然後邊學邊做,根據己有的資訊作出行動,每一個行動都未必有把握,整個策略都可能在元宇宙產官學出來新的訊息後,瞬間再重新訂出方向







    M F O Alethea





    Do you have a Metacard?


    Too many people are talking about the concept of the metaverse, but I think concepts are empty words, and they are not the most practical way, because users should not only care about concepts, but what problems can be solved for users, if users choose For a certain metaverse system, they will only focus on what troubles this system can solve for me. If it can’t be used by me, they don’t want to understand the concept behind the system at all.



    For being a part of the MAB program, in a way. We only focus on being the only entrance to the metaverse in the hearts of users, and we can also monopolize users' traffic and login. I know that many of the most successful telecom giants on WEB2.0 will definitely set their sights on the metaverse. Those who enter the world will gain the world, and if they can become the largest entrance to the metaverse, they will become the final winner.



    Therefore, tech people like me in my early 30s often can't sleep at night, and they wake up in the middle of the night thinking about how to find the right way, not to be eliminated in the war of the metaverse, but also to maintain a sense of crisis at all times , continue to diligently study the knowledge and technology about the metaverse. When I faced many metaverse platforms, I found that those really dynamic metaverse systems seemed a little chaotic and out of control to outsiders. In fact, after careful analysis , it feels that the platform is growing and evolving naturally, and looking for opportunities for innovation from the gains and losses of the market.



    I think the future competition in the metaverse will be the competition of the platform system. What will be tested is not only the user experience score, but also the ability of enterprises to change in real time, and the speed of immediate response will also determine the achievements of these enterprises in the metaverse. And as the CEO of MAB said, if you want to innovate, you should not be afraid of making mistakes, because growth is completed in the continuous cycle of mistakes and entanglements.



    Our team is very aware that MAB is so different from traditional marketing. It does not require overwhelming marketing promotion, nor does it require a large-scale sales force, but it can do things that traditional marketing advertising cannot. In the Metaverse, from contacting customers to attracting customers to sticking to customers, even inviting relatives and friends to participate, and then to completing the sale, the whole process only requires the key "port" of the Yuan business card.



    Through the Metaverse playing a game of empathy and participation, and re-establishing relationships with customers, many experts predict that in the future, non-participatory marketing will no longer be marketing, and experts agree that the Metaverse that customers and companies create together A truly perfect metaverse. From now on, customers will look forward to new scenarios in the metaverse, even if it's placement marketing, because the customer's character is already involved, and the purchase behavior is really just a natural plot picture.



    Metacard is an active factor in the metaverse world, and it is the fresh blood of all metaverse platform networks, giving nutrients and connections to the old and new metaverse systems, so I think the future of metaverse integration is inseparable from the matchmaking of Metacard.



    When we created the meta business card, we also worked hard on the interface elements, making the interface elements as simple as possible, giving users a simple and intuitive operating experience, and using a simple structure to allow users to have a pleasant feeling. Too many interfaces make users get lost in the keys, of course! I also understand that no system can be perfect, there are more or less some defects, and the APIM team's job is to think about how to solve these defects Turn it into a feature to gain a competitive advantage.



    Traditional business cards are a thing of the past, and Yuan business card interaction is becoming popular. It can not only deepen customers' memory of the brand, but also use Yuan business cards to consolidate customer loyalty. One of the things that Metaverse can dream of is that it can serve consumers Create consumption scenarios and make marketing more humanized. After customers enter the metaverse, they will find new friends to join and play new roles because of the plot. These newly added roles used to have to be called three times and four times. Various promotional and marketing methods, but the other party always feels that the more active you are, the more hesitant you are.



    Meta business cards are everywhere. Whether it is in daily life, workplaces, or places to travel and play, everyone can't escape the magic of the Metaverse. Because the Metaverse is the upcoming marketing nirvana, we should be more aware of the traditional laws and regulations. Under the norms of ethics and morality, the starting point of collective creation can we formulate the rules of the game for the entire metaverse























    當然! 我也明白任何一個系統,都不可能是盡善盡美的,或多或少都存在某些缺失,而MAB團隊的工作,就是思考著如何將這些缺失轉化為特色進而取得競爭優勢。












  • M F O David


    If you ask me what the metaverse is, I will answer that it is the computing energy of chips, which combines human intelligence to create a shared cognitive space, but there are always a considerable number of people who can only accept concrete things, and it is more difficult to accept abstract things. Most people only accept "I can feel it, I can taste it", and then they have real satisfaction. Unfortunately, in the development of the Metaverse, a higher degree of abstraction is required, and the running rhythm is faster, so that abstraction can be abstracted. become a concrete realization.


    In the metaverse, not only space is not a problem, but the connection system will also allow participants to communicate and interact with people from all over the world in their native language. Can communicate with each other unimpeded.


    The most important operation of the Metaverse is "people's participation". Talent is the foundation of the success of the Metaverse. Various functions are not the protagonists that make the system operate smoothly. 90% of the operation of the entire Metaverse requires changes in technology and culture, and the remaining 10 % is the operation application. Human participation is a kind of holons, a part (on) and a whole (holl) of the metaverse. The actions and interactions of each character in the metaverse have unique effects. , will produce structural changes to the metaverse (architecture of complexity)


    In the metaverse, there is a new type of virtual social capital in it, just like traditional social capital mostly exists in the form of ancient wealth that has not been detected, cannot be owned by private individuals, must exist in relational networks, and In the way that fusion generates wealth, the value contained in the metaverse model far exceeds the previous opportunities to access social capital in physical traditional places.


    The system organization of the metaverse, each participating IP role can be regarded as a meta node, which can be divided into three architectures:

    1. As a member group (usually the general public)
    2. Become a leader group (usually a corporate company)
    3. Management at all levels (usually system customer service)

    The metaverse is made up of these fictive individuals, so the most important thing is that the metaverse is a living system, not a machine. Therefore, every mobile IP is an organism, not a biological organism but a virtual organism. The metaphor of this system and machine equipment may be different people's different cognition conclusions about the metaverse.


    The formation logic of the metaverse will also conform to the inferences of the Tuckman Model in the future. It is formed by formation, agitation, modularization, rapid growth, and non-influenced progress. Many people think that the metaverse is just a game at best. The upgraded version of the software, I think it is an illusion caused by a stereotype. The previous online cooperative game mode is indeed very similar to cooperating and competing with each other in the same universe, but the traditional Darwin-style life-and-death game mode has been outdated. In the earlier game logic, it was argued that aggression and competition will eventually prevail over characters who are willing to cooperate and interact, because at this time the emphasis is on winning and losing, but in the structure of the metaverse, the emphasis is on evaluation, gain and loss, so in the metaverse all kinds of Interactions all start with cooperation, because cooperation will have the following benefits:


    1. From scarce resources to abundant resources
    2. From restricted access to open access
    3. From anonymous participation to mutual trust
    4. From virtual communication to physical communication



    From the perspective of historical evolution, new media will repeatedly increase the ability of leaders to isolate information and intelligence. From the nomadic era to the industrialized era, to catch up with the leader's intelligence control power, the price to pay is always huge, but in the Metaverse era However, this kind of privilege is gradually declining. Now, as long as you pay a very low price, you can freely interact with a large number of experts around the world. In the past, you had to join the country club of "Paul Harris", the founder of Fulu Club.



    Moreover, in the traditional face-to-face world, it is impossible for people to be separated from each other, so getting access to a new place also means leaving the old place, but the Metaverse has abandoned the rules of Newtonian motion, and people no longer need to go to the new place. Leaving the old place, it can also appear in several or more places at the same time, and even achieve multiple simultaneous instant interactions.


    Okay! Let’s talk about Yuan Business Card. Yuan Business Card is the abbreviation of Yuan Universe Business Card. The traditional business card is a one-dimensional space and is composed of finely printed materials, but the Yuan business card is a concept of three-dimensional space



    consisting of many three-dimensional spaces. The most important thing is that the holder of the meta business card has also created his own metaverse space. This interface, which is connected to each other, is different from the past and will affect the changes in economic business opportunities. Working in a cross-platform way,



    A single system connection cannot form the metaverse. The connection between the metaverse and people requires a digital "port" to become a multi-media channel. The meta business card can be used between multiple different systems. The corresponding on the technology network is Mutual trust in the agreement, cross-platform computing requires not only the connection, but also the rules of each agreement, and then the agreement is made according to the consensus of these rules.


    The evolution of the market and the choice of consumers’ search targets also record the breakthrough of digital technology. Perhaps it can be said that the meta business card itself has no value, only through the continuous operation of the system. Customers' brand trust, and then form the brand cohesion for business owners






    如果你問我元宇宙是什麼,我會回答是晶片運算能量,結合人類智慧創造出共享的認知空間,但是總有為數可觀的人們,只能接受具體的事物,比較難接受抽象的事物,多數人都只接受"我感受得到 拿得到 也嚐得到",才有真實的滿足感,可惜的是在元宇宙的發展中,要求更高度的抽象化,而且運行節奏更快,才可以把抽象變為具體實現。







    元宇宙最重要的操作是 "人的參與" ,人才是元宇宙成功的根本,各種功能並不是讓系統運作順利的主角,整個元宇宙運作90%需要的是科技文化的改變,剩下的10%才是操作應用,人的參與是一種子整體(holons),是元宇宙的一部份,每個角色在元宇宙裡的動作和互動,都有獨特的效應,會對元宇宙產生結構性的改變






    元宇宙的系統組織,每個參與的角色都可以視為元址(meta node),可以分為三個架構:


    1.作為成員群(通常是一般民眾)2.成為領袖群(通常是企業公司)3.各層級管理(通常是系統客服)元宇宙就是由這些虛擬個體(fictive individuals)所組成,所以最重要的關鍵,就是元宇宙是活生生的系統而非機器設備,是由相互依存的角色所組合,並且透過共同的理想組成關係網絡,所以每個移動的IP都是有機體,不是生物有機體卻是虛擬有機體,這個系統與機器設備的比喻,或許就是不同人對於元宇宙不同的認知結論。



    元宇宙的形成邏輯在未來也會符合塔克曼模式(Tuckman Model ) ,由形成、激盪、模組化、快速成長、無感化進展而成,非常多的人都認為元宇宙充其量只是遊戲軟體的升級版,我想那是一種刻板印象所造成的錯覺,以前的連線協作遊戲,的確很像同在一個宇宙空間裡互相合作相互競爭,但是傳統逹爾文式的你死我活遊戲模式已經落伍了。














    好了! 來談談元名片吧,元名片是元宇宙名片的簡稱,傳統的名片是一維空間,是由印刷精美的材質組成,元名片卻是三維空間的概念,由許多三度空間的元素組合而成,最重要的是元名片的持有者也有了自己的元宇宙空間,這個彼此相連結的介面,會影響到整體社會經濟的變化,










    M F O Andy




    Taiwanese companies must start planning and establishing a Metaverse business group if they want to think about it. This new direction means that companies have to shoulder greater responsibilities. Business executives must formulate a direction that expands the company's future digital goals and continue to create meaningful metaverse topics. , according to my past consulting experience with Taiwanese corporate executives, unless a high proportion of time and energy has been invested in the digital community field, executing a metaverse project is like an official newly acquired a fiefdom, and it is not just the system to face Software also includes people, venues, rules, window interactions, and organizational coordination in the Metaverse.



    Just like the major changes brought about by the first Internet connection, the metaverse will change even more in the future. The idea of ​​human interaction is undergoing huge changes, and with the rapid global changes after the epidemic , everyone is thinking, is there any way to use a certain tool to make the interaction more real and simple, which means that the unparalleled impact will also follow, because the most important core value of the metaverse is deregulation ) and privatization, the management of the metaverse can be regarded as a war of information possession.



    In traditional marketing wars, competitors can easily copy each other's information such as equipment, products, and promotional processes, but in the metaverse they cannot replicate the company's intellectual capital. That is to say, the more resources invested in the metaverse Enterprises in the universe may be able to form an advantage that other opponents cannot obtain, of course! All enterprises must also follow the trajectory of the development of the Metaverse. From the changes in people's life patterns, the decision to respond too quickly or too slowly will affect the enterprise. Neither is a good thing.



    My advice to businesses is to play the role of a fast follower, pay close attention to the development services of the Metaverse, and execute at a low cost of opening, which reduces the risk of participation, as the Metaverse explodes Growth, the gradual popularization of 5G networks and the urgent need for community marketing for enterprises, the rapid development of meta engineering is foreseeable. As a consultant group for the National Metaverse Project, we will establish Metaverse Observation Station (MOS), it can observe the real-time information on the market and various industry decision-making news, as the collection and analysis of the metaverse information by the business management director, only hope to reduce the chance of occurrence of the famous saying "I Know that half of my budget is wasted, but I don't know which half"



    In order to make the Metaverse take shape, the industry must establish a clear mode of operation according to common categories and laws. Regarding the Metaverse Observatory, the first stage is still to provide intelligence and information that can be collected on the Internet. In this stage, we will focus on the main lines of all observations from the various environments of the metaverse. The dimensions of the observed metaverse are:
    1. Use Demographic Orientation
    2. Technology utilization rate is oriented
    3. Political decree-oriented
    4. Creative culture orientation
    5. Market development orientation
    6. Competitive relationship orientation
    7. System access and agent orientation
    8. Hardware and software supply orientation



    In the third stage, we will set up a dedicated department to discuss the analysis of the operational organization and functional efficiency of the Metaverse. We will also start to calculate the profitability and cost-benefit analysis of the development of the Metaverse system for the enterprise, and finally Based on this information, a metaverse improvement timetable will be made to fully describe the elements that should be improved at each stage in the development of the metaverse.



    What is certain is that in the next twenty years, the metaverse will completely reshape society, the entire life style will operate in a completely different mode from the past, and the so-called meta economy will permeate everyone in life. At the same time, the metaverse has changed people's concept of space, time and reality and virtuality. Enterprises do not necessarily need vast space and funds to operate. Businesses can exist anywhere in the metaverse, and all transactions can be done first. Bit Yuan, before entering the physical delivery transaction, the Metaverse will lead us into a new era in which sales and transactions have become more free and vivid, but buyers and sellers can see each other, and can be in the infinite Metaverse.


    By shaking hands and exchanging Yuan business cards, you can visit the world's popular attractions in an instant. At this time, sellers will find that it is much easier to find potential buyers than before, because in the past, the huge cost of time and distance was the biggest transaction obstacle and disappeared in the Metaverse. in the formless.



    That is to say, when all buyers are willing to trade through the Metaverse, companies that still insist on selling in traditional and ancient ways will eventually lose the opportunity to compete












    在傳統行銷戰爭中,競爭對手可以很容易地抄襲彼此的資訊如設備、商品、宣傳過程、但是在元宇宙中卻無法複製企業的智慧資本(intellectaual capital),也就是說投入越多資源在元宇宙裡的企業,也許就可以形成其他對手難以取得的優勢。



    當然! 所有企業也必須依循著元宇宙發展的軌跡前進,從人們生活形態的變化,作出反應的決策,太快或太慢,對企業都不是好事。


    我給企業的建議是,可以扮演快速跟隨者(fast follower)的角色,密切注意元宇宙的發展服務,並且以較低的開辧成本執行,這樣可以降低參與的風險,隨著元宇宙爆炸性的成長,5G網路的逐漸普及與企業所迫切需要的社群行銷。



    可以預見元宇宙工程(meta engineering)將快速發展,身為MFC的顧問,我將會成立元宇宙觀測站(MOS),它可以觀測市場上的即時情報與各式的產業決策新聞,作為企管主管對於元宇宙資訊蒐集分析之用,希望能減少華納梅克所說名言發生的機會"我知道我的預算有一半是浪費掉了,但是我不知道是那一半"









    我們會在第三階段成立專屬部門,用以探討關於元宇宙的運作組織和功能性效率實例的分析,也會開始統計出元宇宙系統發展對企業所產生的獲利力與成本效益分析,最後會依據這些資訊作元宇宙計劃改善時間表(metaverse improvement timetable),完整敘述元宇宙發展中各個階段應該改善的元素。



    可以確定的是,未來二十年內元宇宙會徹底地改造社會風貌,生活形態會在一種與以往截然不同的模式下運行,所謂的元經濟(meta economy)會滲透到生活中的每一個層面,元宇宙已經改變人們對空間時間與真實虛擬的觀念,企業未必需要廣大的空間與資金才能夠營運,生意可以在任何地方以元宇宙的方式存在著,,所有的交易都可以先以位元,再進入實體運送交易。











    M F O Sophia


    We are all "Meta gardener"


    After integrating all the information about the metaverse, I have been thinking about what is the key factor for everyone to enter the metaverse. After continuous inference and exploration, I think the most important interface is in our traditional business card. Picking up a business card can start the metaverse, and upgrade the traditional business card to a metaverse business card, which means that everyone in the future can enter all the metaverse systems by clicking on a platform.



    In my opinion, the metaverse is the embodiment of a life style. When we enter the present moment of the metaverse, all technological inventors will ask "what is the need for persistence". This view is very valuable and I want to put it into practice. If Without careful research and planning, the metaverse vision is not easy to happen.


    The metaverse does not unilaterally provide various imagined pictures of the future, which can be called metaverse predictions. These usually make people feel good, but "unrealistic"



    because the environment presented in these metaverse scenarios is often not most of them. what people need.

    A real metaverse has a rhythm of ups and downs, making the market audience feel that this service was developed to "solve my difficulties". At present, most of the metaverse systems are very dull, because the system software vendors have to give all the people a predetermined process, and there is no story mode that can identify the exclusive participants.



    Therefore, the Metaverse Affairs Bureau should be like an excellent director team, stacking the metaverse applications and audience situations layer by layer, mixing the latest technological progress, and adding user pain points. This is also a model often used by many successful directors. Retain technology and creativity, create users' desires, and make users willing to accept the Metaverse.



    The Metaverse Affairs Bureau tries to understand the market demand, and at the same time establishes a talent team for the operation of the Metaverse, and constantly combines the evaluation mechanism and the thinking mode of market research, so that all team partners with the Metaverse Affairs Bureau can stand in the undefeated development of the Metaverse. place




    我們都是 "元丁"












    元宇宙不是單方面地提供各種未來想像畫面就可以稱作元宇宙預測,這些通常讓人覺得美好,但是"不切實際" 原因是這些元宇宙情境中所呈現出的環境,往往都不是大多數人所需要的。














    M F O Natalie


    The omnipresent influence of the Metaverse


    All the market surveys starting in 2021 are asking, what exactly are people looking for in the metaverse? My view is that sometimes we are so busy trying to get the final answer that we forget to ask the right question, I think we are exploring the metaverse Before the market demand, we must first confirm two important factors, that is, user desire and market demand.



    What are user desires are the most basic motives of using people, these motives may be simple various desires, such as the pursuit of convenience, increase compensation profits, avoid trouble, reduce certain anxiety, feel trusted by the community, of course! With technology Evolution, the pattern of people's user desires will continue to change.



    For example, human beings always want to realize the dream of driverless cars. This dream cannot be realized in the era of 1G to 4G. At most, it is only a movie plot. Therefore, doing things other than driving in a car is not listed as a list that can be realized. , but this desire has always existed.



    Finally, the Metaverse is about to come! We found that the demand that most people expected but could not find the conditions to achieve is possible, so all the officials and industries began to use (5G+AI+AR) to create products that meet this demand. surroundings. So where does the market demand of the Metaverse come from? It should come from the user desires that are forced to occur due to technological constraints, and what we have to do is to find the future market demand in the user desires.



    Is it really that easy? Then why didn't the market demand show up when it was working before, for this question, I want to start with what Einstein said "(If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough) if you can't just sh


    ow it, it means you don't understand it well enough" to explain.

    Sometimes there is a deep and mysterious arrangement behind the development of science and technology, that is to say, from the initial combination of 0 and 1, the development of science and technology constantly presents a phase transition tie. There will be corresponding micro-connections of ideas and technologies that will move people from a state of unconsciousness about the application of technology to a collective consensus that everyone must eagerly use.



    It's like the Matthew effect: to everyone who has, give him more, and let him have more; and from anyone who doesn't, take what is left. It can be applied to the next development of the metaverse. When we really find out how the metaverse can satisfy the desires of users (consumers), all conceivable social capital and available resources will be strongly linked actively.



    The vision brought by the Metaverse is so enticing that, unlike previous development agreements, it is always governed by the rules set by a few industries. As for the connection of the Metaverse, anyone who knows a thing or two about how it works will be able to learn from it. Insight into the huge market demand that many telecom companies cannot see. This seemed to be a fantasy in the past, but it actually exists in the world of the Metaverse.



    Technology is moving too fast for everyone, and many people are not used to stepping out of their own thinking barriers and neglecting to explore the progress of customers or rivals in the metaverse, whether it is entrepreneurs, ordinary people, economists, engineering Home, housewives, students or participants in any field have the opportunity to find the answer to the metaverse, and through their own perspective, enthusiastically piece together their own metaverse, even though each piece of the puzzle may not be the final key to decryption, But I believe that during the operation of the Metaverse, everyone will work together to continuously connect with each other, and the combination across various fields will eventually outline the final shape of the Metaverse





    2021年開始 所有市場調查都在詢問,人們對於元宇宙的需求到底是什麼? 我的看法是,有時我們是否忙著追求最終答案,卻忽略了有沒有問對問題,我認為在探索元宇宙的市場需求之前,要先確認兩個重要因素,就是用戶欲望與市場需求。



    什麼是用戶欲望,就是使用民眾最基本的動機,這些動機或許是簡單的各種願望,如追求便利、增加報酬利潤、免除麻煩、降低某種焦慮、感覺自己被社群信任。當然! 隨著科技演化,用戶欲望的模式也會不斷地變化。






    終於等到元宇宙 !我們發現曾經那個多數人期望,卻又無法找到滿足條件的需求是有可能被實現的,於是所有官方與產業開始用(5G+AI+AR)創造出滿足這個需求的環境。元宇宙的市場需求來自哪裡? 應該來自被科技限制的用戶欲望,我們要做的就是在用戶欲望中找出未來的市場需求。



    真的那麼容易嗎? 那為什麼市場需求不會在以前運作時就呈現呢,對於這個問題,我想先從愛因斯坦所說的"(If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough)如果你沒辦法單純呈現,代表你了解得不夠透徹"來解釋。



    有時科技發展的背後其實存在著某種深沉神秘的安排,就是說從最初的0與1組合開始,科技發展就不斷地呈現一種形態連結(phase transition tie),在某種形態要完成前就會有相對應的想法與技術微連結,讓人們對科技應用從無意識的狀態轉變為深信所有人一定會熱切使用的集體共識。



    如同馬太效應 (Mattew effect) :凡有的,要給他更多,讓他有餘;沒有的,連僅存也要奪去。可以套用在元宇宙的發展,當我們真正找到元宇宙能如何滿足用戶(消費者)的欲望時,所有能想到的社會資本與可用資源都會強勢的主動連結。